ArcGIS Datastore Issue: pg_ctl: PID file "D:/ArcGISDatastore/pgdata/" does not exist

01-04-2023 06:47 AM
Esri Contributor

Hi All,

Platform:Windows Server 2019 Datacentre

Cloud Infrastructure:AWS

AWS Instance type:m4.xlarge

ArcGIS Enterprise:10.8.1 Base Install

We have weekly scheduled AMI's and we take them manually too. There is a reboot during the AMI and upon startup of the server we have, intermittently, experienced issues with hosted feature services. We've looked across the various enterprise logs and noticed this log in the portal directory.

- The portal has been initialized and configured but is not accessible. The internal portal database does not appear to be running or accepting connecting

On startup of the machine we've also noticed the below error in windows event viewer.

-pg_ctl: PID file "D:/ArcGISDatastore/pgdata/" does not exist.

I wanted to mention the fact we are taking AMI's but I'm not entirely sure it's relevant. It may just be that ArcGIS Enterprise is not starting up correctly after a reboot.

Has anybody come across this before? Any help would be much appreciated.

Occasional Contributor II

This doesn't really solve your issue, but we never reboot when creating AMI's. You can use the No Reboot option if that helps.

Occasional Contributor III

Its a generic error message. I had encountered this issue due to our corporate network firewall blocking the traffic from an unknown site called Apparently underlying apache tomcat server of Portal and datastore fails to start if its unable to fetch files from this unknown site. ESRI was completely unaware of their software making this connection and kept pinning the issue on us. Basically the ArcGIS enterprise requires internet connectivity regardless of ESRI documentation claiming that it works offline. It was our network and infra team who were finally able to resolve this.